Underrated Eddie Hazel

On one Rolling Stone countdown of the Greatest Guitarists of all-time, Eddie Hazel ranks #83 sandwiched between Buddy Holly and Joe Perry of Aerosmith. Lenny Kravitz and Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready profess their love of Hazel’s style and count Eddie as a major influence. Which begs the question, who is Eddie Hazel? If I told you about a psychedelic African American electric guitarist from the late 60’s that blended funk, metal, blues, and soul into a new art form, you’d like guess Jimi Hendrix. But Jimi had a protege who blew away listeners during this same period working with George Clinton and his band, Funkadelic. Eddie Hazel wasn’t around during Clinton’s P-Funk greatest success (Atomic Dog, Tear The Roof Off, Flashlight) but his dynamic raw guitar work with Funkadelic set a new standard with his groove-driven guitar funk.

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