It’s About To Hit

11 Tracks dedicated to the masters of that which is not devoid of funk. This is a tribute to the old school crackly albums that stand the test of time as some of the best music that was ever created. This release is a tribute to the great influence on Janky and Rome Jones by Parliament Funkadelic. While in college in 1990 the two would listen to P-Funk records in Dallas apartments in total amazement.

Each song on this release was written and recorded with absolute focus on staying true to some of the most original music on the planet – P-Funk.

The band name is taken from the Funkadelic song Music For My Mother where George Clinton says he was in Keep Runnin’, MS before skatting one of the greatest, moaning harmonica solos on vinyl.

This is Rome Jones and Scott “Janky” Lindsey just staying grooved in their roots and paying tribute to the masters.